PANAYA Primary Level

Panaya enrolls students ranging from Grade 1 and Primary 1 level to Grade 6 and Primary 6 level. The Primary level curriculum offered at Panaya meets and exceeds that of the Basic Education requirement set forth by the Ministry of Education. The school offers both Thai and English curriculums and all courses are taught by our highly experienced and qualified teaching staff.


Our Primary Level students attend classes in two buildings according to their programs. Thai Curriculum classes occupy the Main Primary building and the English program classes are held in the designated English Program building. All of students in both programs have access to all facilities of the school including Theater room, 2 modern libraries, Thai music room, contemporary music room, art room, and all outdoor fields. All of our classrooms are equipped with the latest teaching multi media and technological platforms.  

The current School Year is made up of 2 terms as follows:

The First school term begins on May 16th through September 30th

The Second school term begins on November 1st through March 10th

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