Vision on English Program for Kindergarten Level

At Panaya Kindergarten, the varying aspects of English language development are initiated, providing a firm basis for both literacy and language and offering holistic development opportunities. Our Kindergarten teaching staff place emphasis on developing student’s confidence in listening, speaking, as well as learning initial reading and writing skills. Students will gain knowledge experientially, which promotes an enjoyment of learning through curriculum filled with imaginative content. By setting the child’s learning in a social context, plentiful opportunity is provided for the development of numeracy and literacy.


We place strong emphasis on storytelling, both orally and through the reading of stories. This encourages memory, vocabulary, and aural skills. The continual use music, stories and rhymes, within the daily curriculum, facilitates confidence and fluency in the English language. Our phonetics classes have been a successful way of encouraging students to early literacy skills. The students are required to discuss, sounds, words and stories, involving them in a multi-sensory learning experience which strengthens their language skills and creates an exciting environment aimed at inspiring their love of English.

Each student at Panaya Kindergarten also learns to enjoy Thai language, computer, science, mathematics, music, arts, physical education activities, and the latest addition of Chinese Language in their curriculum. This enriched learning environment is designed to help them develop socially, emotionally, academically and physically. Much experience is also derived from “hands on” activities such as academic day camps.

Within the confines of the curriculum we adopt a broad and balanced approach to the subject matter resulting in excellent academic standards. Students experiencing difficulties are always helped and this caring framework extends to the qualities of fine manners and kindness to others, which are at the heart of our teaching program.

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