PANAYA Kindergarten Level

Panaya enrolls students age 2 to 5 for our Pre-School (Nursery) and Kindergarten levels. Both levels provide students with a fun and creative learning environment designed to meet the needs of students at all learning levels and abilities. We offer curriculums in Thai Program and English Program to best prepare the students for the future primary level studies. All courses are taught by our highly experienced and qualified teaching staff composed of Thai teachers and Native English Speakers.


Our Kindergarten classes for the Thai program and English program, level 1 through level 2, are held at the Main Kindergarten building. The Kindergarten 3 classes occupy our Main Primary Building. The reason for having Kindergarten 3 classes at Primary Building is that, at Panaya, we encourage the Kindergarten 3 students to become familiar with the academic intensive environment of Primary school, and prepare them to ease into the more academic-focused surrounding once they have graduated.

Our classroom’s designs are inspired by “Whole Language and Fun Language” learning environment. All classrooms are equipped with the teaching materials, teaching mediums and latest media platforms. In 2013, Wide angle LCD projectors are installed in classrooms to provide students with maximum learning experiences

The current School Year is made up of 2 terms as follows:

The First school term begins on May 16th through September 30th

The Second school term begins on November 1st through March 10th 

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