1.    Mrs. Phenphan Tantinirandr
       Principal Director
       M.S.T (Master of Science in Teaching)
       Portland State University

2.    Ms. Renu Pradispong
       Assistant to Head Director 
       B.A. Teaching
       Teaching College Suan Sunanta

3.    Mr. Bhanrawee Tantinirandr
       MA Economics
       New York University

4.    Ms. Chanton Thongnak
       Head of Academic Department 
       M.A. Education
       Srinakarinwirot Prasarnmitr University

5.    Ms. Nuntaporn Wongkatunyoo    
       Secretary to the Principal Director
       Humanity English
       Bangkok University

6.    Ms. Arunluk  Krusong    
       Chairperson of School Advisory Board

Administration Team and Teacher

Panaya enrolls students age 2 to 5 for our Pre-School (Nursery) and Kindergarten levels. Both levels provide students with a fun and creative learning environment designed to meet the needs of students at all learning levels and abilities. We offer curriculums in Thai Program and English Program to best prepare the students for the future primary level studies. All courses are taught by our highly experienced and qualified teaching staff composed of Thai teachers and Native English Speakers.

Panaya enrolls students ranging from Grade 1 and Primary 1 level to Grade 6 and Primary 6 level. The Primary level curriculum offered at Panaya meets and exceeds that of the Basic Education requirement set forth by the Ministry of Education. The school offers both Thai and English curriculums and all courses are taught by our highly experienced and qualified teaching staff.

Panaya Phattanakan School, founded in 2001, is an independent, co-educational, Bilingual school located in Suan Luang district of Bangkok. Panaya Phattanakan is an extension of Panaya Sukhumvit School, which has been opened for more than 40 years by Mrs. Phenphan Tantinirandr, the founder and current School’s Principal Director. Since its founding, Panaya Phattanakan has enrolled students from Nursery level, Kindergarten, and Primary level in both the Thai Program and English Program (EP).

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